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Ethiopian Pediatrics Society

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          Who we are

The Ethiopian pediatrics society EPS is a professional society that was established in 1994 to ensure a high standard of pediatric practice in Ethiopia. The mission of the society is to advocate for child health as well as maternal health and to work on child survival issues.

EPS facilitates research activities in pediatrics and child health and also play an advisory role in the planning and implementation of policies and regulations related to child health. It is a national society and a member of union of all African pediatric societies and associations /UNAPSA/ and international pediatric society /IPA/.

The Ethiopian Pediatric Society is a non profit, non governmental organization established by professionals involved in child Health. The society has been active in bringing in members under its umbrella and conducting various sessions relevant to the Ethiopian child by delivering updated and relevant medical education, pertaining to pediatric service through continuing Medical Education (CME) to its members and interested professionals. The members of the society includes all pediatricians, pediatric nurses, and health professionals working on child health issues.

→ Our Plan
Read Our Strategic Planing

→ Our Vision

To be the leading society in ensuring health and well being of children in Ethiopia

→ Our Mission

Working with all stakeholders to the attainment of optimal health and well being

   of Ethiopian children through active engagement and networking in the development

→ Our Objectives

• Ensure a high standard of pediatrics and child health practice .

• Foster ethical pediatrics care and research

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