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Dear All, EPS is very much honored to organize the 18th Annual conference at Hawassa City in collaboration with Hawassa chapter office from February 22-24/2017. you are therefore requested to book this important date. we also would like to invite you to submit your abstract for the scientific presentation on the conference. We will let you know the venue as the date approaches EPS office

Dear All,

The Ethiopian Pediatrics Society (EPS) is delighted to announce that its 17th Annual Conference will be held from 13-15 January, 2016 in Addis Ababa.

The Annual conference provides opportunities for members to submit abstracts of research papers to be presented on the Conference.

Please read the attached Call for abstract .

The venue of the conference at Hilton Addis.

We hope see you then.

Best wishes,

Bogale Worku, Prof.

Excutive Director, EPS

Ethiopian Journal of Pediatrics and child health is a biannual which publishes an original articles, review articles, short reports, program briefs and commentaries on child health issue in Ethiopia...

Dear All,

The Ethiopian Pediatrics Society (EPS) is delighted to announce that its 16th Annual Conference will be held from 15-16 January, 2015 in Jimma town.

The Annual conference provides opportunities for members to submit abstracts of research papers to be presented on the Conference. EPS encourages its members to nominate the Pediatrician and the Pediatric Nurse of the year to be recognized on the conference.

The venue of the conference will be announced soon. We hope that you will consider attending the conference. If you have an EPS account please login and click on the navigation bar Conference, at the bottom there is a form that will let you to register online. If you dont have an EPS account please Create Account, Login and Regsiter for the Conference.

Best wishes,

Bogale Worku, Prof.

Excutive Director, EPS

Ethiopian pediatrics society
In collaboration with ICAP Columbia University Continuing Medical Education On
Updates on pediatric HIV care and treatment
Hilton Addis, 15 January 2013
Please click here to view the full schedule of the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society 15th annual conference Agenda

You can also register online for the conference of the 15th annual conference just click Register online to create account and with your account login to the portal & go to the conference page & register online.

If you have an account already created just click Login. After you login there is a conference button. Click the button and at the bottom there is a registration form.

Please Click Here to view the 15th Annual Conference Gallery

The Ethiopian Pediatrics Society is calling for abstract submission to be presented during its 15th annual conference to be held from January 15-17 /2014 in Addis Ababa. Please note that the Abstract submission deadline is December 15th /2013.
Thank you,
EPS office

It is a great pleasure to announce that EPS is organizing the Third Annual Pediatrics by the Nile CME in collaboration with Gemini Health Group.

The CME will be held in Addis Ababa from 20 - 21 June, 2013,
and the venue will be announced soon.
Please be prepared to attend.
EPS Office.




In collaboration with FMOH and WHO several trainings on ETAT has been conducted and training at larger scale is under preparation where the chapter offices of EPS will be the sites for the training.

As part of its major endeavors, EPS is committed to establish newborn corner in all Functional Health Centers in the country in collaboration with UNICEF , FMOH and regional health bureaus. To this effect EPS conducted training on newborn care in most of the regions except in Tigray, Dire Dewa Harare and Somali . More than 1400 health workers were enrolled in this training and more than 90 % of them were midwives working in the delivery rooms of the health centers . basic life saving equipment like , resuscitation bags, and masks , suction bulb , newborn registration books and HBB action plan poster were distributed along with the training . Health centers from the remaining sites( Tigray , Dire Dewa , Harari and Somali) will soon be enrolled ..

The Ethiopian pediatrics society has commenced supportive supervision for the 800 health centers which were enrolled in the training of the Newborn care to establish newborn corner. So far six teams from the SNNPR 7 teams from Oromiya and six teams from Amhara at total of 19 teams consisting of two supportive supervisors each are in the field for the activity . The supportive supervisors will be staying in the field for a period of three weeks and are expected to cover at least 75% of the health facilities.

Training on newborn care has been started to be conducted since December 9/2012. There will be about 53 rounds of training in all regions including Addis Ababa, Adama, Deberebirhan , Jimma , Hawasa, Bahirdar and Gondar. The Mekelle chapter office will commence the training in a short while.





We are sharing our extreme happiness for Dr. Amaha who became professor of pediatrics and child health.

We are delighted to announce the posting of this years IPAF Ihsan Dogramaci Research Award.

A half day consultative meeting of the EPS main and chapter offices was held here in Addis Ababa at Dreamliner hotel on September 06/2014.

THE BEST SENIOR INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR 2014 has been announced and awarded. Please Click Read More or more information to find out who has been awarded as the best senior instructor of the year

The Ethiopian Pediatrics Society participated in the great Ethiopian Run

The Ethiopian Pediatrics Society Hawassa chapter office has actively participated in the event organized by Save the Children and World Vision Ethiopia on the EVRY ONE campaign race held on May 10th /2014 in Hawassa town.

The Ethiopian pediatrics society has conducted its 15th annual conference from January 14-16/2014 at Hilton Addis . It was a very productive and colorful event where old and new...

To improve Quality of newborn care services through cascades of training of trainers and training of health care providers on essential newborn care and newborn resuscitation ( helping babies breath HBB) coordinated by the Ethiopian pediatrics society (EPS).

The Newborn corner training which EPS has been under preparation for long time has now started with the coordination of training in the Hawasa EPS chapter office.

Read More Read More Read More

sample@email.tst >>>>>101/01/1967



Admin >>>>>05-27-2015

To all researchers who have an account on EPS website, the website has just developed another software for all researchers to submit their manuscripts for the editorial board of EJPCH for possible publication on the Journal,

You can find this page after you login >>> hit the button that says "Submit Manuscript" which is on the far right side of the navigation bar.

Thank you
EPS Web Administrator

Mr. Administrator >>>>>12-21-2014

Dear all how are you?
Let us remind you that the annual conference for the 16th Annual Conference of the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society is less than 20 days left. Some of you have only created an account, you did not register for the conference. Please with the account that you have created Login and Register on the conference section.

Thank you
Web Admin.

Admin >>>>>08-06-2014

THE BEST SENIOR INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR 2014 has been announced and awarded.

For more information about the award click ME

Admin >>>>>01-29-2014

 Dear All Members of EPS

To all who registered Successfully! Please Log-In with the account you created and start Your Discussion, Upload your PDF notes, Link Youtube Videos, Upload Pictures concerning Pediatrics. Register for the Annual Conference. If you wish start Chat with other members of EPS.

Thank You!

tsinuel >>>>>10/10/2012

Dear colleagues,

Interesting article,

Subset of CD4 Cells May Hold Key to Reaching HIV Cure
Science 15 March 2013:
Vol. 339 no. 6125 p. 1262


Prof bogale worku >>>>>

Dear Colleagues, do you have any case with either diagnostic or therapeutic challenges. Please post your case and let other colleagues contribute to the better care of the patients.
Thank you

Kumie Alene >>>>>

This is an exciting news for the whole world that Newborn HIV could be eradicated if holystically approached. as a nation in the sub saharan region where HIV/AIDS has killed millions, we even could benefit more from the clue that new born HIV could be cured. but we need to address the gaps that the current protocol for the elimination of newborn HIV/AIDS. I feel among the many issues to adress could be revising the ART regimen for the purpose of PMTCT+ and the issue of continued breast feeding in the context of Mathernal HIV/AIDS and more....

zelalem >>>>>

I think it is a great news to the ongoing effort of pediatric HIV infection

bogale >>>>>

What do you think of the HIV cure reported from Mississippi?

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