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Ethiopian Pediatrics Society

Ensuring a High standard of Pediatrics Care

Serving Your Health with Excellence



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Ensuring a High standard of Pediatrics care

Serving Your Health with Excellence

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Prof. Bogale Worku

Executive Director

Ato Mussie Gizaw

Office Administrator

Alem Sebsebbie


Tigist H/Gabriel


Rebecca Zewdu

Executive Secrtary

Belay Haffa

Project Coordinator

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Chapter Office Phone Number Fax Email Location
Addis Ababa 011-466-73-46 or 011-4-16-68-79 011-466-73-46 On the way from Dembel City Center to Meskel Flower Hotel, in front of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Jolly Building :- 5th Floor

Sub city: Kirkos

Kebele: 02
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